The 13 | Part 7 - Back of the House

The 13 | Part 7

By: Greg Nasser, BOH director of operations

option we opzione binarie piattaforma live trading We’re taking you back to the fundamentals of our trade with a 13-part series on the 13 ethics of hospitality–brought to you by Director of Ops. Greg Nasser. Read on for part 7.

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go here In my early 20s, a wise businessman asked me a perplexing question: What are two words to describe who you want to be as a leader? My answer was: dependable and trustworthy.

partnervermittlung orientalische frauen What I have come to learn while working in hospitality is that trust translates to the successful completion of assignments—and the work of holding oneself accountable for the completion of those assignments."http:////"

go Beyond applying the literal definition of trust as an ethic of hospitality, trust as an ethic should also mean completing one’s work as a way of supporting your larger team.

source site If you have ever been let down by a coworker or boss, this ethic should resonate. Instead of perpetuating dishonesty as you work with your colleagues and employees, learn from those negative experiences to avoid disappointing your teams and staff.

follow url The Delarosa Downtown team has created a network of trust within the restaurant. Team members know they can depend on one another and, when decisions are made, they respect the decision making process by doing what they can to support and further that outcome.