The 13 | Part 3

By: Greg Nasser, BOH director of operations

We’re taking you back to the fundamentals of our trade with a 13-part series on the 13 ethics of hospitality–brought to you by Director of Ops. Greg Nasser. Read on for part 3.

#3 Kindness – Every day, make someone else feel special.

This is one of the simplest ideas, in theory, but surely the hardest to practice on a daily basis. To make someone else feel special is to recognize them and to be attuned to their desires. When was the last time you made a guest or fellow employee feel? Remembering a guest’s name or a drink order and having it ready as soon as you see them walk in, is one way to practice the ethic of kindness. At the team level, postponing your duties to help a teammate carry boxes up or down stairs is yet another way to communicate kindness.

I see kindness in action quite often at Delarosa Chestnut. The Chestnut team has a guest who lunches there every day—and has for some time. Recently, the team noticed that this guest had not shown up for three consecutive days. The team thought it very unusual, so they reached out and were able to get in touch with that guest. What they learned was that she had broken her leg, making it difficult for her to leave her apartment. The team immediately took action, offering to deliver her lunch anytime and even helped her with simple chores. Their actions remind us that kindness and hospitality can, and should, extend beyond the four walls of our establishments.