The 13 | Part 8

By: Greg Nasser, BOH director of operations

We’re taking you back to the fundamentals of our trade with a 13-part series on the 13 ethics of hospitality–brought to you by Director of Ops. Greg Nasser. Read on for part 8.

#8 Loyalty – Whether dealing with regulars or staff, always be true to yourself and to the business by providing the expected level of service. Continually attempt to exceed all expectations.

Guest loyalty can only be achieved through customer satisfaction. How do you achieve customer satisfaction? By concentrating on the following areas:

  • Quality: in order to be of quality you need to focus on the prep. work.
  • Consistency: at all steps of service, in your side work, through communication and in training.
  • Product Knowledge: be an expert on the ingredients, the preparation and the product.
  • Urgency: anticipate guests’ needs before they do.

Ask yourself, “What more can I do today to exceed the expectations of my coworkers and guests?”

The Belga team exhibits loyalty by regularly exceeding expectations. They always seek to understand what a guest will need next—often getting to the guest before the guest reaches out.